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Malik Elijah


Photo by Andrew Regis

At the core of his music, Malik Elijah is a Hip-Hop artist. When you take a step back, numerous layers of creative expression that push the boundaries of the genre are revealed. Rather than ride the waves created by others, he pulls inspiration from his peers and predecessors to create his own current. Online, Malik's music resonated with over 660K Spotify listeners in 2023, catching the attention of platforms like Daily Chiefers and Lyrical Lemonade, alongside curators Annabelle Kline and Saving Connie. Offline, with over 40 shows since 2022, including supporting acts like Freddie Gibbs, EARTHGANG, and Ben Reilly, and two DIY tours, Malik boasts a robust live performance resume. Stamped by nominations for Best Hip-Hop Artist and Best EP/Album at the 2023 Boston Music Awards, Malik has left an indelible mark in Massachusetts, his current base. Throughout all of his work, Malik Elijah has demonstrated time and time again that he is one of the most versatile artists in Hip-Hop, and there isn’t a levee that can hold what is in store for Malik Elijah in 2024.

"Malik Elijah is vastly overlooked and let’s be honest, who the **** even knows why. The music is some of the best of this new era of lyricists and we’ve established that this man has a lethal pen."
Daily Chiefers
"Malik Elijah has a wildly infectious energy that draws you to him. The rapper it tapped in with some of the best underground beat-makers, which effectively elevates his sound and really sets him apart from everyone else in the scene."
This Song Is Sick
"Brick by brick, committing to the slow build and growing something that will stand long-term is ultimately what’s most important and that’s something that I’ve seen Malik do time and time again over the past few years."
Lyrical Lemonade
"While 'HYDROPONICS' is my favorite track off of SONIT, you will want to be sure to dive into the full project – Malik Elijah is ready to take over."
Sheesh Media
  • 73K+ Spotify Monthly Listeners

  • Reached 170K+ Spotify Monthly Listeners in Spring 2023

  • 2.2M Streams on Spotify in 2023

  • Editorial Playlist Features:

    • Alternative Hip-Hop (Spotify)

    • Mellow Bars (Spotify)

    • Skate Shop (Spotify)

    • Spilled Ink (Spotify)

    • Ripple Effect: New England (Spotify)

    • Bars (Apple Music)

    • Street Politics (Apple Music)

  • Tour Support For:


    • grouptherapy.

    • Blvck Svm

    • Freddie Gibbs

    • Ben Reilly

    • Domo Genesis

Performances Since Jan. '22

48 Shows | 2 Tours

Apr '24   /   Cambridge, MA
Bloom Fest

Mar '24   /   Boise, ID
Treefort Music Festival

Mar '24   /   Boston, MA
@ Crystal Ballroom [Support For Domo Genesis]

Mar '24   /   Philadelphia, PA
@ Silk City [Support For Domo Genesis]

Nov '23   /   Brooklyn, NY
@ Market Hotel [Support For Ben Reilly]

Oct '23   /   Seattle, WA
@ Madame Lou's [Support For Blvck Svm]

Oct '23   /   Providence, RI
@ Fete Music Hall [Support For Freddie Gibbs]

Sep '23   /   Montreal, QC
@ Blue Dog Bar

Sep '23   /   Boston, MA
@ Rockwood Music Hall

Jul '23   /   St. Louis, MO
@ The Hawthorne [Art Mimosas & Pancakes]

Jul '23   /   Chicago, IL
@ Coles Bar

Jul '23   /   Washington, DC
@ The Pie Shop [The Rated PG Tour w/ Kinrose]

Jun '23   /   Philadelphia, PA
@ Kung Fu Necktie [The Rated PG Tour w/ Kinrose]

Jun '23   /   Manhattan, NY
@ S.O.B.'s [The Rated PG Tour w/ Kinrose]

Jun '23   /   Boston, MA
@ The Rockwell [The Rated PG Tour w/ Kinrose]

Jun '23   /   Providence, RI
@ AS220 [The Rated PG Tour w/ Kinrose]

May '23   /   Belfast, ME
All Roads Music Festival

May '23   /   Holyoke, MA
@ Race Street Live

Apr '23   /   Washington, DC
@ The Pocket

Apr '23   /   Brooklyn, NY
@ Baby's All Right [Support for Blvck Svm]

Apr '23   /   Hudson, NY
@ Bard College

Mar '23   /   Burlington, VT
@ Radio Bean

Mar '23   /   Lawrence, MA
@ Fragile State Studios

Jan '23   /   Brooklyn, NY
The Meadows [MajorStage Showcase]
Oct '22   /   Atlanta, GA
The Apache XLR [The DETOUR]

Oct '22   /   Nashville, TN
The PSV Store [The DETOUR]

Oct '22   /   Chicago, IL
The Library [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Boston, MA
Exit Galleries [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Washington, DC
The Pocket [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Baltimore, MD
Visionary Live Studios [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Brooklyn, NY
Slides Studios [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Burlington, VT
Fete Music Hall [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Providence, RI
Radio Bean [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Bangor, ME
Bangor Arts Exchange [The DETOUR]

Sep '22   /   Portland, ME
Apohadian [The DETOUR]

Jul '22   /   Brooklyn, NY
Elsewhere [Support for grouptherapy.]

Jul '22   /   Providence, RI

Jun '22   /   Los Angeles, CA
Catch One

Jun '22   /   Los Angeles, CA
The Virgil

Jun '22   /   Chicago, IL
The Library

May '22   /   Brooklyn, NY
Slide Studios

May '22   /   Tolland, MA
@ Nokturnal Funktion Festival

May '22   /   Brookline, MA
Brookline Teen Center

Apr '22   /   Manhattan, NY
@ Short Stories

Apr '22   /   Seattle, WA
@ Showbox SODO [Support for EARTHGANG]

Apr '22   /   Washington, DC
The Pie Shop

Jan '22   /   Providence, RI
@ Alchemy

Jan '22   /   Los Angeles, CA
@ Catch One
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